Peace walks beside me.

Peace is my companion as I walk through the uncertainty of life. Fear and doubt flee from me when I hold the hand of peace. I may slip or stumble on the bumpy road of life, but when I hold on to the hand of peace, I stand tall.

I remind myself that, no matter what, if I keep planting the seeds of beauty in my life, beautiful things will grow. I continue to invest in my family, friends, and community, confident of the beauty to come as a result.

There are times when it seems like nothing is certain. The things that I thought would never change begin to transform. Yet, in those times, I place my trust in someone higher than myself. I rest on the thought that, although things change, there are still things that always remain the same.

I remain calm in the midst of disillusionment because peace changes my perspective. Instead of seeing disappointment as the end of a dream, I choose to see it as the beginning of a new goal.

When I think of the potential for beauty in all who surround me, I have hope. Weeds of uncertainty are unable grow into discouragement because I choose to focus my eyes on the positive. I am optimistic about my future because I know it will be full of beauty and peace.

Today, I choose to hold the hand of peace through the valley of uncertainty. I may not be sure about what the future holds, but I am sure that whatever it is, I can get through it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.    What steps can I take to increase the peace in my life?
2.    Can I see the potential for beauty in the things around me?
3.    How can I learn not to allow disappointment to affect my peace?