My neighbors are my friends.

I am thankful for the people that live near me. I feel safe in my neighborhood because my neighbors are trustworthy. I enjoy raising my family around other families who have similar values as me.

I get along well with my neighbors. I make an effort to learn my neighbors’ names and those of their children and pets. It is important for us to feel like a family.

I feel comfortable talking to my neighbors and spending time together. I speak with my neighbors whenever I see them outside. I speak positively to my neighbors and about them.

Holidays and special occasions are even more special because I can share them with my neighbors. We gather together to make lasting memories.

I am a friend to my neighbors as they are to me. I look after my neighbors’ homes as they do mine. When my neighbors go on vacation, I offer to pick up their mail and keep an eye on their home.

If I do not see my neighbors for a few days, I check on them to make sure they are in good health. I offer my help when the neighbors are sick or need a favor. Helping each other out makes us great neighbors.

Whenever I see my neighbors outside of the neighborhood, I always speak to them because, although we live near each other, the reason we get along is because we like each other.

Today, I plan to go on a walk and meet more of my neighbors. I choose to engage in conversation and learn something new about the people living near me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.    Do I know my neighbors by name?
2.    How can I be a better friend to my neighbors?
3.    What do I enjoy about my community?